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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Don't be a menace to society on eid by driving a fast car in built up areas where kids play

As some of you may have gathered the title of this post is a play on the following film title. Don't be a menace to society whilst drinking juice in the hood. It was spoof comedy about films which made important social commentary on the situation in America, at the time. The spoof comedy had important messages in it but conveyed them in a humorous manner. Though the rest of the film is daft but it was very funny. The more important films in this genre were boyz in the hood, menace ii society and so forth. Boyz especially looked at the problems of drugs and it's effects on the youth. 

Fast forward to today and we find some themes are present in the UK. Where drug dealing and taking is a serious problem. We don't speak or hear about them but we brush it under the carpet like everything else. Religiously, it is unlawful/ haram to sell drugs (except by doctors prescription) of any kind and type. Also, the taking of any drug is unlawful. The manic boy racer is just a symptom of this way. Not only do they get a sin for every person they disturb, they endanger their lives and the lives of anyone present. This alone should be sufficient for anyone to sell their sports car for a one litre! Everyone curses them as they pass by!

We need to teach our children that drug dealing and taking have dangers that can end in death. The money earned from such death dealing is unlawful in itself, unlawful for them to earn and spend. It's a sin upon sin, upon sin, upon sin. 

People need to seek help and by using local agencies. They need to get out of this death trade and seek lawful means of employment. There is hope for you whichever situation you are in. Seek aid and change your lives, you can do it and you must learn to live a better life.

Please do not drive at high speeds in built up areas. You are endangering your life and all those you come into contact with. Not to mention the excessive pollution and the damage to the roads. If you want to drive at high speeds then be a race driver. That way you can get paid too. 

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