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Friday, June 05, 2015

Do you read the Quran?

It’s a shocking question but who would ask such a question? Well even more shocking was the one who was asking the question was a Muslim. His old white hair had not changed him or warned him to open the Quran and read. Instead, he preferred to sit and sleep than spend any time reading the Quran!

This is something that is quite common for a generation of emigrants to the west. They became so busy in the world that they forgot the purpose of their beings. So they live without the Quran. Yes it’s in their homes but do they read it? No, there is no way because he is too busy watching movies!
Although, if one looks at their elders it was common to find them completing a recitation in a month or even seven days. This has been completely missed by their children yet they force their kids to read the Quran? How can you expect them to read the Quran when you do not! If they saw you pick up anything other than the TV guide they would be shocked. 

What do you mean ‘do I read the Quran?’ Of course I read the Quran. Any Muslim worth his salt reads the Quran. Then he brushed it off saying that I read it too quickly and that I did not understand anything. Anyone who persists in reading the Quran for years finds it easier and naturally speeds up. So it might have taken him thirty minutes before and it may now take fifteen. This is very normal just like someone who works out. The more he does it the easier it gets. 

Imam Ahmed (the Exalted) was aware of the presence of Allah (the Exalted) in a dream and asked what brings one closer to Him. Allah (the Exalted) said, "My book." He asked, "is that with or without understanding?" Allah said,"With or without."

Its definitely better for someone to read the Quran and reflect but if you cannot then at least read it. Abu Hanifah (may Allah show him mercy) recommended that people read the Quran from beginning to end twice a year. 

The best advice that I have ever heard about the Quran is to read it in the language that you understand the most. Read it in Arabic and if you cannot then in whatever other language you understand. If you do not know how to read then find someone to teach you and keep trying if its difficult.  

We want to read the Quran and leave this world like Imam Junaid Al-Bagdadhi (may Allah show him mercy) who finished it then began Surah Baqarah then passed away. We do not want to leave this world switching between channels or web pages or even worse committing sins.

We certainly ask Allah for protection from being a man with white hair and not knowing the importance of reading the Quran.

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