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Monday, January 05, 2015

Intoxicants, wine, alcohol, and drugs

No, it is not a shopping list! Seen as no one else is speaking about these matters we decided to write. This is the real question isn't? Why is not anyone speaking about these issues? This is one of the many problems that our communities have.

We pretend that we do not have drug addicts or alcoholics in our communities. It is as if we have closed our eyes and pretend that these things do not happen. If it is in your house, can you pretend anymore?
In any case, I am sick of pretending that everything is okay and we are in need of some action. It is perfectly clear that there is very little support for such people.

Stop selling it

I would like to question why so many Muslims sell alcohol and cigarettes in their shops when everyone knows their harm! Why have we bowed to the world by allowing the greatest tool of satan in our shops?

That money you earn from it is unlawful and you cannot give charity because it is corrupt. Alternatively, as one of Salaf described trying to clean clothes by pour urine over it. Who is going to wear them? No one in his or her right mind would! According to the Shafis the trade of alcohol is not valid. Of course alcohol is the worst of them but neither should be sold.


Some people have addictive natures so they continue to want more "highs" and eventually move onto to drugs. There is a culture amongst the youth of getting together on the weekend and indulging in such actions. The most obvious is the cigarette then moving onto to cannabis and so forth. Cannabis is very common with many of the youth and it is more common that you think. Commonly they go to clubs and pick up girls then go to a friend's house.  The rest does not bear thinking about.


Smoking is a lawful action according to most schools of law or highly disliked which is the highest warning which is commonly substituted for haram. Now it is such common place that the whole family might be smoking and would not see this as unusual. The person who does not smoke is more unusual to them! This is the worst of habits that someone can have.

Smoking damages, the environment during production then when it has used it, harms all those who breathe in the toxins especially children. It harms you if you did not already know but of course, you ignore this because it is an addiction. It is going to be difficult for you to give up straight away. Ibn Sina recommended that people give up addictions gradually and not cold turkey.  

Smoking is one of the harder addictions because it is socially acceptable. No one should be under the illusion that these things are allowed. They are all unlawful under all circumstances. Except of course in the highly unlikely event that you will of thirst if you do not drink alcohol because you are in the middle of the desert and there is nothing else to consume. It would only be lawful for a short time until you find something else and you only consume that much that would keep you alive. Not the whole bottle!

See Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi khutba on smoking click here.


These are two of the most commonly used drugs whose industry is worth billions. Why are these promoted so heavily? Well as long as people are drinking and taking drugs then they are only a danger to themselves, in most cases. It is all part of the social control and conditioning. 

Advertisements of alcohol are widespread especially on television, internet and billboards. Therefore, it is any wonder that they wonder what it tastes like? We have to know it will be replaced with pus of the people of hell. Do you still want to try? Click here to read the hadiths on it. We have to remember that alcohol/wine destroys brain cells.

The more you consume the greater harm you are subjecting yourself. So if you are addicted then use alcoholics anonymous, please try to quit. I would like people who are addicted to know that their families still love them and would love them to clean their acts up. They hate addiction not you.
They are ready to accept you when you come clean. So take one day at a time and quit.  


Why do we have so many drugs in our societies? Are we not concerned about protecting intellects? They destroy those who use them, is this not enough for you to give up? They cannot live without thinking about that next fix. They spend everything they have just for it to destroy them! Addiction to everything but Allah (the Exalted) brings ruin. Had they been addicted to Allah (the Exalted) then they would be Awliyah. We are in dire need of Awliyah and are not in need of anymore drug addicts.
There should be a social agreement to reject drugs in all human communities across the world. We should have a zero tolerance policy on drugs dealers and suppliers as well as those who produce it.
One of the best things the Taliban did, in Afghanistan, was to set the poppy fields ablaze. Thanks to the occupying forces, these poppy fields now produce 90% of the world's cocaine. Therefore, they brought freedom to the poppy fields and allowed them to express themselves all over the world! The wonders of the democratic system of puppets!

It is not the first or last time war efforts have been funded by drugs. Vietnam was known for this as was Britain when it brought china to their knees by opium. The brits in question were members of parliament!

Drugs were flooded into American societies of the poor, which brought social problems and crime with it. It could also be credited to removing the vitality of the black rights movements.
When someone is high, they are not bothered about examining the reasons for failure or their problems. They forget all their troubles for a moment. It is not that easy because the pleasure is momentary and dissipates very shortly.

Sort it out!

Sort out your problems and do not turn away because you they are not getting solved otherwise. Face them, sort them out, and build a better future. You still have opportunity to do something about the present and that why it is a gift! The past has gone and you cannot change it but you can do something about the present. Therefore, do something good and quit the addiction.

If you would like to read something, more then click here for forty hadith about the unlawfulness of addiction. Read them and please give it some food for thought. The world would be a much better place without drugs of destructive nature. Intellectual pursuits are what should be sought and minds need to be expanded with knowledge. Instead, we are just like cattle consuming without realisation of the state we will meet out Lord. Do you want to meet the Lord with a needle in your arm or drunk surrounded by the bottle? The state in which you die is the state in which you will be resurrected. So how do you want to be? Some blessed people had their souls taken in prostration. How I envy to be like such people (in a good way). You still have time to be the person you could be, all it takes is some will power and determination.

You never know what you can achieve until you try...

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