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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Disputations

part thirty six

1. Islam belongs to Allah not to any group

2. كيف يحي الدين بدون احياء
How do we revive the religion without the revival? ( ihya ulum uddin by imam ghazali)

3. Extravagant Extroverts are the worst Sufis

4. You only benefit from those you accept and those you love

5. Some things can collect water and others things cannot.

6. When you dress like your Sheikh its does not mean you are the Sheikh. Because its not his outward are you trying to copy; its his inward and that cannot be copied easily; like changing clothes.

7. When you humiliate someone; you are actually raising them further and lowering yourself even more

8. The prophetic standard was to encourage people to give charity and not to make them guilty. That is not the prophetic way.

9. When you learn from a tribulation so that you do not make the same mistake again. Then you realise that it was a blessing because you learnt from the past to make your future better...

10. What was meant for is meant for you; Was not will never be; you'll never miss what was never meant to be.

11. Sidi Ahmed Zarruq May Allah show him mercy recommended people not to expose their sins before people. It can cause people to think they are better than you or see their own sins as minor. Allah has veiled your sins so keep it like that and seek His forgiveness and not humiliate yourself.

12. Sometimes things are taken out of your hands

13. Part of the healing process is purification

14. You have no right to do anything haram when you have turned away from halal.

15. When you repair something broken; its never the same as it was

16. Globalisation means we are all suffering from the same illnesses; the world over.

17. Your reward is based on sincerity not the amount you give.

18. Your existence is a sin when you are happy with your nafs; despite their being no outward sin.

19. Inward sins are more damaging than outward sins.

20. The soul needs dhikr to grow without it; it starves. When you feed the body the nafs grows. Feeding the soul is a cause for growth.

21. Bleeding is a part of purification. Its a way of letting go of the harmful.

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