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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ramadan times in UK

After observing sunrise times for years we have come to the following conclusion. The earliest time fajr enters is 1.45 hours before sunrise. (Its clearly visible at 1.30 hours before sunrise.) This is according to the naked eye as for the problem of twilight in the summer months; if you use this rule of counting down 1.45 from sunrise you will arrive to the approx time of ending time of the pre dawn meal. 

So if sunrise is 4.40 am then closing the fast at 2.55. This is the best option. Some masjids are closing their fasting times at 2am or even 1am. This is not correct and you are putting yourself under undue hardship. This is not about being cautious because being cautious does not put one into needless hardship. 

The opening times, sunset times, are all the same give or take a few minutes. Please note their is usually a difference between sunset and Maghrib prayer. There is also a small buffer (about fifteen minutes) in the morning; please bear that in mind.

The reason for the difference are those following observatory times and not following naked eye. The naked eye was how it was traditional used to calculate times. 

Those who are fasting earlier times are making the fast unnecessarily difficult, for them and other people. People generally go for the easy option not the difficult one. Those who are propagating 1am times are causing undue harm to their communities. People will either leave fasting altogether or use times of other groups. 

So well done for those doing this because you are driving more masses to Wahabism. Also following the opinions of those who do not live or understand the local environment is not valid.

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