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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time to leave

Yes it is! It's high time we do something about the lack of English khutba's in our areas. I am tired of waiting for committees to change. Let's face it they won't ever change, they will stay in their stupification until death. Even that won't make them change.

We have long been against breaking off from the masjids and instead have been trying to get them to help us. It's perfectly clear they do no want to help anyone, not even their own souls.

So any scholars who are reading this or influential people start their your own Friday jummah. Hire a hall, an unused office, room or even your living room. Start with a few and do it for the sanity of your own souls. Do something, anything.

The current masjid serve the elders of the indo pak region and they do not serve you. We are not talking about totally breaking off all ties, no that's not good either. Rather do something to help those who cannot understand Urdu, punjabi, Bangladesh or even Arabic.

We live in England and we speak English so it's time to get our own Friday jummah in English and start teaching something useful instead of listening to the bbc repeat lecture that we have heard a million times before. Break away and you ll see the people that will come.

Get your act together committee members because getting a kafir to build the masjid is not going to help you it's going to harm you especially if you do allow Islam to be taught there.

It's time to leave them to it and start a new.

Our current state needs to be changed and if we do not do it now it will be too late.


  1. It all depends which mosque it is. I am assuming you are referring to the pre-Khutba bayan?
    The hanafis will never give a khutba in a non-Arabic tongue. That's fine.
    In some mosques they have an Urdu bayan followed by an English one.
    English will happen but with time inshaAllah.

  2. Ziya

    The whole point of the post is that the English khutba will not happen. So its time to stop hoping and start doing something new because the current regimes in the masjids in the UK will not help you.