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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Disputations

Part Thirty three

1.      I just want to thank those who back bite me because of the time they have saved me! Why? Because I do not have enough time to do a lot of good works and now they have given me theirs it saves me lots of time!
2.      Honesty has gone because no one is honest
3.      Actors are really liars because they convince you that they feel something they do not.
4.      Hypocrites are those who actions speak louder than their words.
5.      They only like you if you fit into what they think you should be not what you are
6.      Habib Abu Bakr Ibn salim, May Allah be pleased with him, said, "he who has no wird is a monkey."
7.      We see graves everywhere yet we do not think our time will come? Clock is ticking until our new home is six feet down in a box
8.      One of the great tricks of the devil is to convince you that the sin does not count when nobody is around to see you do it...
9.      Putting a coat on a naked man might keep him warm but he is missing his essential clothes. Likewise training one to debate has no place until one learns the basics.
10.  Sheikh Ali ibn Alawi (may Allah be pleased with him) used to hear the response to the salawat in the prayer from the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) directly.
11.  There are many good people who are friendly to Muslims. It behooves us to return the kindness they have shown to us. The other day a nice English man opened a door for a Muslim but the Muslim looked at him through the eyes of suspicion. It looked really ugly because this man was showing kindness and the least we should do is return their kindness.
12.  There is a difference between he who learns and understands knowledge and he repeats what he hears. As no one says that a parrot has knowledge even though it repeats what it hears!
13.  A lot of people are like iPhones they are sensitive to touch
14.  The point of dua is to attach your heart to Allah and not to get what you asked for. Attaching your heart to Allah is worship.
15.  I'd rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I am not...
16.  Blessing for true scholars are continuous. So when you study the same things you get a different experience because the blessings are different. But the false scholar has no blessings so he repeats the same things again and again. The experience with them does not change.
17.  Just because one is a Muslim does not mean everything one does is halal.
18.  Sidi Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "People have their means. Our means is Allah."
19.  When someone finds fault in something where there is no fault - know they are upset about something else.
20.  Sufis call tribulation ta'arfat literally it means notification coming from a root meaning to know. So when bad things happen Allah is letting the servant know who is in charge and you are rudely awakened from being distracted in the world. This is good because you only do something like this to someone you care about
21.  Fed up of liars and cheats dressed in clothes of respect
22.  The reason why people leave tariqah because they see the murids opposite to what the sheikh is.
23.  If Tariqah is an ego trip then its time to get off and repent.
24.  Books cannot be understood without men to teach them
25.  Your desires are endless so why do you bother even trying to fulfil them?!?
26.  I do hate it when the brainwashed speak...
27.  Rulings are based on proof not passion. Rulings based on passion fade into the distance. Ruling based on proof remain
28.  Sheikh Abu Bakr Ibn Salim (may Allah show him mercy) said, “Someone who looks at themselves with displeasure; Allah looks at him with pleasure.”
29.  Remember your faults in the faults of other people

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