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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Disputations

Part Twenty Eight

1. When you seek something other than Allah you become lost. When you seek Allah then you find your place.

2. When you rely on something other than Allah it will be taken from you. When you fear something other than Allah then you will meet your fears.

3. We do not take religion from poets...

4. Good people and good news rarely make the headlines...

5. Immorality is big business...

6. Your Nafs wants to go to paradise but its stubborn and needs convincing.

7. Why are we so bothered about what we are not supposed to do and not bothered at all about what we  are commanded to do.
8. If you do not get your hands dirty your heart won't become clean... 

9. Just because someone dresses like a scholar does not mean he is one.

10. Do not let your heart change; whatever happens to you.

11. Have you ever thought that the things the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) described in hadith could only be described if he saw them displayed before him....

12. Whatever you do for yourself has no reward at all anywhere. What you have done for Allah there is a reward for in the afterlife even if there is no recognition in the world.

13. Once someone accepts their situation then the opening comes...

14. If you only have compassion and mercy for your group, your race, your nationality; then you have not understood Islam at all... 

15. The seeking of forgiveness for you by the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) does not mean you are forgiven. To fulfil the rights of repentance you have to repent, that cannot be done for you. This means that you have tawfiq/assistance to repent. So the seeking of forgiveness for you is the assistance and ability laid out for you to repent.

 16. The haves and the have nots are all being tested.

 17. Tasawwaf is about continuous sacrifice.

 18. The main difference between a scholar of the Ahl Al-Sunnah wa Jammah (Ashari's and Maturdi's), and  those outside, is that they build on what was previously stated. As for those who are outside Ahl  Al-Sunnah wa Jammah they destroy everything that was said previously for what they have just said.

19.  Every success is preceded by effort.

20.  Those scholars who say we should speak Urdu only should not be allowed to preach in the UK. It should be mandatory for each masjid to have at least one speaker in English and do not come to me complaining that the youth are not interested in Islam. Of course they are not because you speak a language they do not understand!

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