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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Disputations

Part thirty

  1. Its funny when we have time to destroy something but do not have time to help build something...
  2. Do not allow to be distracted by your worldly problem from Allah the Exalted
  3. When you feel haughty when people praise you and despondent when people curse you then you have missed the point...
  4. What's the point trying to be some super sufi when you can't even stay away from haram and avoid the halal?
  5. All the problems in your life are summed up here.

    Abu Hassan As-Shadhali (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "Love entails Allah taking his servant's heart away from everything but Him."

    So when you understand it then you'll be free.
  6. If what you are doing does not bring you closer to Allah (the Exalted) then its a waste of time and deserving punishment.
  7. Sometimes people distract us from Allah. so Allah removes them from our lives.
  8. One of ways Allah calls a person to him is by turning people against him - so he turns whole heartily to Allah.
  9. One of the awilyah of maroc said words to the effect When Allah (the Exalted) wishes to destroy something. It is raised up then smashed to the ground.
  10. On the internet you can be anyone you want, quote anyone you want and pretend to be whatever you make others think. But Allah (the Exalted) knows what you are so who are you fooling?
  11. When you think the world is black and white then you have lost your humanity...
  12. When you follow your desires you make your desire your idol...
  13. The spiritual path is about being displeased with yourself so you change yourself. Not being pleased so you stay the same or become worse.
  14. If the masjid is just for committee members and their activities then its just a social club and there is no reward for social club.
  15. When you fear something other than Allah then you come to face to face with your fears. When you fear Allah alone then you are safe from everything.
  16. By the time of Imam Al-Darqawi's passing he had walked 40,000 men through the spiritual path and they were all qualified as spiritual masters. What was his secret of his path? Give away all your possessions and that is your starting position.
  17. Imam Al-Darqawi recited the Quran sixty times at the grave of Idris al-Thani in Fez for assistance to find a Sheikh. And with the help of Syed Hamid he found the great wali Sidi Ali Al-Jamal (may Allah show them mercy).
  18. Those scholars who say we should speak Urdu only should not be allowed to preach in the UK. It should be mandatory for each masjid to have at least one speaker in English and do not come to me complaining that the youth are not interested in Islam. Of course they are not because you speak a language they do not understand!
  19. True sincerity is that one performs an action for Allah, not for anything or anyone and not for recognition even if it works out or does not. Thats sincerity.
  20. Part of our belief in the day of judgement is that the oppressed will be avenged on that day. So do be aggrieved when you do not see it now. Man's ability for justice is limited and the justice of Allah is absolute.

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