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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Disputations

Chapter twenty nine

1.  If we can't trust politicians to tell the truth about their expenses; how can we expect them to tell the trust about international affairs!??! Wake up you are being lied to by someone who is convinced of his lies! 

2.  It does not matter how hard you try if its not meant to be - its not meant to be.

3.  Sins weight someone down, repent and lose weight!

4.  One of signs of a disbeliever is that he places a barrier in the path of Allah. They do not like people to teach the deen nor learn. So when a believer has this he is closer to disbelief that belief.

5.  A beard is not a political statement its just hair!

6.  Knowledge makes sure your actions valid, even if little. Ignorance makes actions invalid even if a lot...

7.  Saying Bismillah over something thats haram does not make it halal. Please try to understand!

8.  Never thought that I would see people jealous of Ahl Al-Bayt but when I did it was nothing short of ugly. Check your iman!

9.  When you fear something other than Allah then you come to face to face with your fears. When you fear Allah alone then you are safe from everything

10.  Going to Mekka or Medinah or a grave of a wali is not a chance to pose...

11.  Allah knows what you are so why are pretended before people?

12.  The greater you hold onto this world, the greater your pain will be when it leaves you.

13.  Accustom yourself to humiliation and you won’t be disappointed.

14.  Most people are not what they say they are.

15.  Most people do not do what they say.

16.  Do not have pride in repentance.

17.  People have different ranks and are tried differently. They are not the same.

18.  One of the awilyah said words to the effect that the spirits of the four caliphs are in the four madhabs. Abu Bakr in Hanafi, Umar in Maliki, Uthman in Hanbali and Ali in Shafi (may Allah show them all mercy and be pleased with them)

19.  Why is it only Muslims who are pressured to condemn terrorism? When other countries who perform state terrorism are not asked to condemn their own actions of indiscriminate violence upon civilians? It is not time that everyone condemn anyone who is killing/murdering civilians.

20.  Ibn Daqiq Al-'Id (may Allah show him mercy) said that excellent character is bearing harm from people.

21.  True sincerity is that one performs an action for Allah, not for anything or anyone and not for recognition even if it works out or does not. That's sincerity.

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