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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Unislamic nature of Islamic businesses

Never thought that I would be writing about this subject but I feel compelled to do so. My experience with so called ‘Islamic’ institutions has been overwhelmingly negative. It does not matter what type of business it is; schools, madrasas or Masjids. The people can be from almost any group affiliation that you can think of. The experience is the same. From here on in we shall call them 'businesses' because that’s all that most of them are. 

There is a real sense that some are misleading the public. They have large banners of the name of the institution in which you would assume that things are being run with Islamic ethics. Often this is not the case and almost all my experience has affirmed this reality. Only Ronseal does what it says on the tin!

The names of the businesses are often derived from names or terms in Arabic. But the owners of the business do not realise that because of their bad actions some people curse the institutions. Which means something religious has been cursed and that is why I advise people to be careful when they are naming their institutes.

Many places are full of partisanship that makes the bricks cringe and yet they do not see it themselves. How? Only when one looks in the mirror can they see their big nose even though everyone else can see it all the time!

Often they are run in a ruthless manner by people who would sooner curse you in the streets than help you. As long as you are giving them money and funding their bank accounts they are unconcerned. Their houses and cars get bigger but they are not bothered if they have broken promises to the public that they claim to serve.
Instead of supporting scholars they chase them out of the community. But all the while desire acclaim for their presence even though they did not bring them there in the first place.

They like people to think that they are doing good but really they are forcing every issue to their advantage. They twist the religion when it suits them to attack you and offend you. Aren’t they so good?

Especially evil is when some of them see students who are progressing faster than they are so they put a stop to classes. Or do their best to disrupt the classes as much as they can until the attendance dwindles.

The sad fact is that some of you are sending your child to a 'business' in which the head of the school is the biggest bully. Many pay wages that are illegal but because the employee has accepted the contract it becomes law. If it was not for this illegal wage structure most of these businesses would have one teacher because that’s all that they could afford. That is why many places employ ‘uncles’ who are retired because they do not need to work to earn money! Pay peanuts and you get monkeys! Do not expect your children to learn anything from a monkey!

We have charities who raise funds for projects that never get off the ground and even worse than that the money never reaches the intending source! Someone has instead brought a flashy car with your zakah money!

When you speak to them they are rude and arrogant. To the point that they will reject advice. Rejecting advice is a trait of a disbeliever.

Masjids that are only interested in doing their own activities are mere big boys clubs. Most if not all masjids are big boys clubs who say what goes on in their masjids. The masjid serves them and has nothing to do with Allah (the Exalted). So do not expect any reward from something that is not done for Allah (the Exalted).

Is there a solution?

Well the sad fact is that many of these new institutions are carrying out work that no one else is doing. Then you ask yourself is it worth the risk? I’ll let you be the judge of that. You could, of course, take what you need and leave. As for exposing such people it is not worth the effort because they are so embedded in their way of thinking that they cannot even begin to consider that they are wrong.

Even though they think nothing of going onto websites to attack you but you should not that because that’s unIslamic! They expect you to have morals yet are devoid of any themselves! They lie and cheat but expect you to tell the truth!

All these types of businesses must be accessible to public scrutiny. They must publish all records of funds that enter the businesses and what funds exit. If they are to serve the public they must be held to public analysis.  And to be held accountable to where funds are going. Some legal enforcement may be necessary but unfortunately many charities operate in a backhanded manner.

If the public question the institution they need to have prepared answers. Rather than scream, shout and blame others. Often when you squeeze something you find out what is inside it.

Here we find that there is nothing but insults because you question their methods. The people running these businesses should realise that they are under the public spotlight yet how few of them care!

There is no real solution and that is scary. At the same time there are very good new institutions being founded. So we need to support those who are free from partisanship of any type that favours relatives because if we do that then we have simply become a party to the futile pursuits of serving our egos, rather than serving Islam.

Apologies to someone who is reading this by mistake and those that this does not concern. It really annoys me that these businesses continue but what is the alternative?

Or are we asking for too much to expect a level of professionalism that we have been accustomed to in non muslim organisations? This is not asking too much we should be better, much better but the opposite is true.

How awful is it that we turned something of value into something that is cheap and worthless.

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