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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Your Next Step

Yesterday, Sheikh (may Allah preserve him) spoke about adab/etiquette and the importance of being vigilant against the slightest slip ups, in all things. As it these were one of the ways that satan used to attack the believer.

He continued to speak about how his murids should be in public: dressed well, pressed clothes, clean, if in a group not shouting, like and angel walking on the earth. Then he said something that has made me ponder over since he said it. He said that a sufi should only be concerned with the place his next step is going to be.

I found a great amount of meaning in these few words. He told us that we should not be concerned about what does not concern us; instead we should be concerned with what concerns us; which is where the next place the foot will be. This reminded me of the hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “From the perfection of one’s Islam; is to leave that which does not concern him.” At-Tirmidhi

Most of the things we pass by on the streets and in our lives, do not concern us and they do not affect us. So why are we adding our commentary to it? We are talking about what is around us but neglecting the most important thing, where our next step will be. We could be stepping into some filth or we could fall over or walk into something.

Someone I know told me that he was leaving the train station today and he was looking at someone who was meeting his wife at the train station. He thought to himself when his time would come (to have a family) then he noticed that there was filth on the floor and narrowly avoided it. Then he remembered what Sheikh said then he laughed and went on his way. He was concerned about big issues that may or may not happen to him but he was neglecting what his immediate concern was. The place in which his next foot step would be.

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