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Friday, May 10, 2013

In honour of Shaykh Al-Arabi Al-Darqawi (may Allah be pleased with him)

by arfan shah

In search of a master

Sixty times did he complete the mushaf

In search of a guide

In the jungle of the soul

Finally he came to the man mountain

The camel of gnosis

Refused and then accepted

He journeyed swiftly

Where many failed

Taking the wird

Taking the means

Taking the path

Two parts of the Hassani tree

Converged and renewed

Then gave birth to another light

Sent to guide his people
Enlightening the tribe Bani zarwal

40,000 guides made at hands

To spread the path across the maghrib

Explaining sincerity to the insincere

They came without shoe to visit

Letters like leaders

Urging you on

To maintain the path to Allah

He showed others the way

The light of the poles

He took the intoxicating drink of gnosis

Then the cup was passed on

Until it reached Ismail, Alawi and Hashim

Whose children intoxicated the world

Sincerity the secret of the men of Allah

Men of Allah (the Exalted)

Men of the Prophet (may Allah bestow and blessings upon him)

Came to guide the world

All you have to do is take their hand

Follow their lead into paradise

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