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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Brainwashing, the Media, Looking forward and back

Several moons ago, I was talking to a friend about an issue. He claimed to be backing the war on terrorism. He was extremely adamant and I made a statement which he could not reply to. I said, “A brainwashed person does not complain about being brainwashed!” Why because he does not know he is brainwashed.

How does one get brainwashed? Look around you and you see the same thing being presented to you continually and constantly.

We will save you

If you look at every movie about any major disaster and you’ll be given one message. The west is going to save the world. Armageddon, Deep Impact, 2012, Outbreak, Independence day, some superhero movies and so forth. This is not about good film making it’s about re-enforcing the ideas that the west is the best. The west is going to save you. Only the west can save you.

So whenever there is problem in the world we expect western governments to get involved. But do we ask the question if they are already involved? Who is funding these rebels with guns? 

For the last twelve years killing Muslims is seen as killing terrorists. So now when we look at the problems in Sham. Why would anyone get involved? They will fund two sides and watch them kill each other as they count the profits made. This is what happened during the Iran and Iraq war of the eighties. The bad press that is aimed at Muslims fuels the fire for war because they claim we are evil and need to eradicated. 


The media is but a tool to spread propaganda of war. Very few media outlets carry credible information. Most are tools in spreading hatred and racism to the brainwashed masses who do not ask nor question the methods of those who act in their names. Through the media is permission sought for military intervention.

The greatest massacres occur in print before innocents pay with their lives. The media have a role to impartial role to play yet they are biased and told what to print.

Help ourselves

The main point that I am trying to make is that the Muslims should help each other. We do not have a caliph and in its absence Muslim presidents should help each other. The Arab and Muslim leagues have proven to be ineffective. Their ineffectiveness was exposed when they sent observers to Syria who seemed to have their eyes closed during the killings. 

Why are we looking to others to clean up our mess? We need to take some responsibility and work together to support each others economies and as well as other types of assistance. 

When things are going wrong in a country then we must come together forward a resolution for the greater good of those involved. Instead of looking on in silence as people are killed we should do something for the greater good.

The state of the Muslims could be changed overnight if we chose to come together and work together. I am not talking about unity rubbish rather I am talking about working together, that’s what we need. The trade of oil to the west strengths their oppression upon the countries that they have invaded. So we do not have anyone to blame but ourselves. 

Look in the books of fiqh and it’s unlawful to trade in any items that strengthen those against the Muslims. Of course, the normal person cannot do much but he can make others aware that we will not stand for our leaders to be corrupt.

Guess again

We have to apply fresh thinking and that does not include putting ourselves or others into danger. We need to be able to sort our own problems out and not allow countries to invade our lands.

I would like to see leaders who have guts to look into our glittering past and take from the lessons of the four rightly guided caliphs and lead like them. But who will stand? When most of them are flat on their faces fast asleep whilst the common folk struggle to make ends meat. 

If we can't trust politicians to tell the truth about their expenses; how can we expect them to tell the trust about international affairs!??! It’s easy to speak in public as all you need is confidence. You do not even need any knowledge.

Our main problem is that we cannot see past the media and their brainwashing. We are programmed during the evenings and speak about it the next day. Why don’t we make our media sources with trust worthy reports instead we rely on unsound information. How do we know any of it is true? We cannot be sure because are supposed to confirm the information that comes from someone unrighteous, so what would it be about someone with no faith who detests yours!

Look beyond what you are seeing. There is another story being told that you can see the outlines for but not see the whole picture, so use other sources of information that your television news. Free your mind and think. Or are you not concerned that things are so wrong but you do not care. The system is there to control manipulate your soul so be aware of this. Look at who benefits from a terrible event then you find red hands covered in blood. Historically many false flags have lead countries to war when the true reason is natural resources. Big companies who supply military products make money hand over fist as some brown person who they have never met dies in a drone operation.

The best means to alleviate the suffering of Muslims is by sending money to those in need and of course supplication, especially for the leaders.

Muslims could change our situation overnight if we had some guts. The west has not overpowered Muslim countries, it the Muslim countries who have empowered the west over us. And we have the audacity to blame others for our state. As long as we do that nothing will ever be solved.

Yet we are not concerning with anything except building empty buildings and wasting valuable resources. So if none of this bothers then you are brainwashed.  So what am I calling you to? I am calling you to break the boundaries of thinking that have been placed upon you by the media. When you do this then you'll understand exactly why things happen and what your response should be.


If we cannot trust politicians to tell the truth about their expenses then how can we expect them to tell the truth about foreign affairs?

The politicians and the evil people of the world have set the world on fire and who pays the price? The normal people peace loving people of the world. Who want to do nothing more than get on with their lives and live in peace.  I refuse to buy into hatred so you can keep it and tell it to yourself. I don't listen to hatred from any fool. Its time the good people speak and silence the dissident voices of war. 

Or do you chose to remain brainwashed? Like cattle consuming and not thinking at all. 

O Allah please help the Muslim Ummah. May Allah forgive us all.

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