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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Disputations

Twenty three

1. Your biggest challenge is to keep your heart clean.

2. When people attack you in the world are you bothered? Don’t worry whoever is wrong it going to get it. Don’t get your hands dirty.

3. How can one claim to be a servant of sacred sanctuaries when he is destroying sacred sites.

4. If you truly knew what tribulations were then you would be happy when misfortunes befall you.

5. The occupying forces in Afghanistan have been wiping out entire families for years and the taliban wound one person and it becomes headline news around the world? To me this is a publicity stunt and nothing more.

6. Happiness is not found in haram...

7. When you fix something that isn't broke do not expect it to work!

8. Your life is like a movie so just because you are going through a sad bit does not mean that a happy is not far off. Just wait...

9. Going to Medina is not your only opportunity to give salams to the greatest of Allah's creation. You have more than five times during the day to as well...

10. Do not allow yourself to have hopes in anything but Allah.

11. Allah is not happy with you when you get lots of dunya nor angry when things are taken from you...

12. If you want someone to listen to you make the intention that it’s for the sake of Allah and that you have their best interests at heart. Then speak..

13. Every desire you have is a distraction from Allah. So He does not give you when you are distracted from Him, He gives you after you return.

14. It’s easy to be grateful in plenty and not in opposite.

15. Our normality is someone’s luxury.

16. Assign the past to the bin and throw it out.

17. A life without Allah is a life lost.

18. What we deem insignificant now will be monumental on the day of judgement.

19. Detach your heart from the world before you leave it or before its taken from you.

20. There is nothing that makes someone live pleasure or pain like a spouse.

21. You are not going to get something whilst you still have a desire for it.

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