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Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Disputations

Part nineteen

1. A human being is the hardest thing to fix...

2. If you make sure what comes out of your mouth and what goes in is halal, then you have no problems!

3. The ending of all your desires is loss except the desire for Allah.

4. Whoever desires a friend without blemish remains alone; Whoever desires a wife without fault lives single; whoever desires a beloved without problem lives in search and whoever desires complete closeness lives severing family ties." Sheikh Al-Sha'arawi

5. Why do people complain about satan when all he did was suggest! It was you who decided to do it! So stop blaming him and blame yourself!

6. If you have a need read Yasin!

7. Do not allow someone's evil actions to prevent you from doing good actions.

8. Isn't awful when you realise that those bad thoughts are from your nafs because satan is not around now.

9. Only when someone is pure outwardly can someone pray and only when the heart is pure can it prostrate.

10. Large amounts of wealth do not help on the day of judgement but large amounts of faith does. So why are we so bothered about gathering wealth and so avid about neglecting our faith?

11. If you rely on yourself then you’ve already failed and if you rely on Allah (the Exalted) then you have already succeeded.

12. The lion will be slain at the gates justifying the fallen. The butchers will be butchered.

13. Sooner or later you'll realise that you can only rely on Allah and everyone else will let you down.

14. Difference of opinion is only accepted from those with knowledge.

15. Celebrating the mawlid is about being happy that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) was sent to guide you and if you are not happy about that, then what else would make you happy?

16. How merciful Allah is to you! When your sins pile up he sends you a tribulation to remove it and then gives you an opportunity to attain reward for your patience! So he takes your sin away and gives you chance to excel. What a generous Lord!

17. When you get dunya you get something that is worth less than nothing.

18. Only by filling the heart by something else can you remove what it presently contains.

19. The outward of the prayer means nothing if the inward does not move.

20. When people turn against you its a reminder that you have to turn to Allah. 

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