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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Disputations

Part twenty one

1. When you have certainty is present there is no problem when you have doubt everything is a problem.

2. Accuse yourself when you do not practice and speak when you do.

3. Do not look for people to help you.

4. Do not look for people to validate your feelings as most of the time they won’t understand

5. You can only move on from a tribulation once you do one thing. Accept it.

6. In a state of tribulation your heart is humble before Allah. In a state of wealth your heart is haughty before Allah. Thats one of the reasons we have tribulations so our hearts are in a good state before Allah the Exalted.

7. Does the loin think he's smart by scaring the inhabitants of the jungle? If one animal opposes him they cannot do anything but together they can kill the loin.

8. Allah give us what he knows is best for us not what we think is best for us.

9. Break any code of law and face the consequences...

10. Sidi Ahmed Az-Zurraq (may Allah show him mercy) said in Qawiad Al-Tasawwaf, "Whoever follows this path must accustom himself to trails."

11. Sometimes words that are uttered are so difficult to practice...

12. What is Pakistani politics? Its the taking of the engine from a working car and replacing it with a bucket! Then wondering why the car won't start! It was working before. Yes before you messed things up!

13. We live in an age in which are not changing we are repeating.

14. If you make sure what comes out of your mouth and what goes in is halal, then you have no problems!

15. The ending of all your desires is loss except the desire for Allah.

16. Why do people complain about satan when all he did was suggest! It was you who decided to do it! So stop blaming him and blame yourself!

17. If you have a need read Yasin!

18. Do not allow someone's evil actions to prevent you from doing good actions...

19. When Allah wants you to come to Him he causes events which take out the love and hope for anything except Him from your heart.

20. How merciful Allah is to you! When your sins pile up he sends you a tribulation to remove it and then gives you an opportunity to attain reward for your patience! So he takes your sin away and gives you chance to excel. What a generous Lord!

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