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Friday, February 08, 2013

The Disputations

Part twenty

Never allow anyone to distract you from Allah, not your family, wealth, business or livelihood.

Only have hopes in Allah as all other hopes in anything else are fruitless.

Everything you desire other than Allah is a veil that needs to removed.

Never have hopes in anyone but Allah

Never rely on anyone other than Allah

Be content with your current state

Always have hope in Allah in severity

Do not think someone else can help

Only Allah can help

Long for nothing except Allah

Do not desire anything but Allah

Your desire for anything else takes you away from Him

The world means nothing to you

Allah means everything

There is a substitute for everything lost

There is no substitute for Allah

Those who have everything have nothing without Allah

Those who have nothing have nothing without Allah

Only those with Allah have something

Sever all connections in your heart except for the connection to Allah

All connections to this world are the cause of grief

Only a connection to Allah is a cause of joy.

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