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Friday, November 09, 2012

The Disputations

Part fifteen

1. There are two things stopping someone from reaching their goal; persistence and effort.

2. Its only too late when the time has gone.

3. Partisanship does not teach it indoctrinates.

4. You are the language you speak.

5. A parent can make a child reach heights that they cannot on their own.

6. The war on terrorism main victims are innocent people with vital natural resources who are demonised so they can be slaughtered; all under the smokescreen of preventative war. The real terrorists are those who invade lands that do not belong to them, massacre the inhabitants then suck the oil out of the country like a vampire sucks blood out of his victim.

7. The morning always starts early!

8. Even if you have something does not mean you possess it.

9. Unrequited love is desire of the impossible.

10. “Its difficult to free fools from chains they revere,” Voltaire.

11. Children need parents to them the way.

12. It does not surprise me when I hear dogs bark!

13. Never desire anything more than Allah.

14. Intentions come out when actions fail.......

15. The outward of the prayer means nothing if the inward does not move...

16. All the good you receive is a blessing from Allah, so can you dare to boast about what you have when 
its not your doing!

17. One of the most hardest things that you have to do in this life is move on.

18. Once someone is labelled they lose their identity.

19. The doors are open I am ready to help you.

20. You can be happy if all you have to do is hope.

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