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Friday, August 10, 2012

Plea of a woman

Below is a video of Habib Ali's reaction to hearing that a pregnant muslim woman was thrown out of her house.

The way that people treat each other really saddens me. This is no exception.

I would like to see two things occur in every city and town. Centers opened to deal with martial problems as well refuges for Muslim women who have been forced out of their homes. Instead of building large masjids everywhere take the money and make separate housing to deal with this problem. We need to clean our houses without the audiences of the world looking.

We also need Muslim orphanages to care of children. There needs to be at least one of these in every major city no matter how small. If you are reading this and can do something, do it. The time has gone when we can could sit on our hands. This is the time for action and help those in dire need.

Treatment of women

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