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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Disputations

Part Eleven

1. Advice about the Nafs; When you find yourself commanded by it then ponder these points:
a. If it commands to evil avoid it; b. If it commands to goodness hasten to it.

2. No journey is complete without potholes.

3. Crawling to your goal is progress.

4. Sometimes repeating yourself is wasting your time.

5. You have free will in what you know and no free will in what you don't know - Sheikh Abul Aizaym (may Allah show him mercy).

6. There are times when you have to stand against your own people because whats wrong is wrong. You cannot hide the truth.

7. Rest when the day is done and not when you are just getting started.

8. If you were always happy in the Dunya then you would not want to leave it.

9. Celebrating the mawlid is about being happy that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) was sent to guide you and if you are not happy about that, then what else would make you happy?

10. Nothing like love and hate can lead someone to extremism.

11. No people with iman/faith in their heart are ordinary with Allah (the Exalted).

12. The loin of the gate is now worse than the killers who invaded with terror, well done lion you have made the hypocrites look good.

13. The foolish Murid thinks he can change the Sheikh which means he is worse than fair weathered friend.

14. The true Murid is changed by the Sheikh.

15. Fanatic sects have exclusive membership and the true believers have membership that is open to all.

16. Every Muslim has his own struggle.

17. What other people wear does not have a bearing on your religious level.

18. Controlling your mouth is the key to success.

19. The brainwashing of western culture has worked if you think they are going to interfere with a countries problem...

20. Why are you afraid to speak the truth?

21. Sharing means increasing not deceasing.

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