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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Urdu is not the language of the Quran

Recently something occurred that bothered me a lot. I came across a man who had difficulty understanding my broken Urdu as much as I had difficulty understanding his broken English. He then said something that really annoyed me and that made me think that this type of backward attitude is keeping Muslims down.
He said that I should speak Urdu because Urdu is the language of Islam and that speaking English meant that I was almost a Gora. Gora normally refers to someone who is English and not Muslim. It is also a derogatory term. So he was accusing me of not being Muslim because I did not know how to speak Urdu fluently.
I was not going to take his statement lightly so I retorted that Arabic is the language of Islam as the Quran is in Arabic not Urdu. He said something that I cannot possibly put into the English language, “Ouuu.” It could mean that he disagreed or it could mean “you know something.”
He left my company quite abruptly with the worst manners which is something in opposition to the one he is claiming to follow!
There are so many problems with this person and this has happened many times. It is nothing sort of backward village style mentality.
Here is a list of this person’s problem
1.       According to him the only Muslims are the ones who speak in Urdu.
2.       Arabic language means nothing compared to Urdu.
3.       Insulting and being abusive is fine
4.       Everyone is wrong except me
5.       I define Islam.
This is not something new and many people come into contact with such people. So many people think that only a Pakistani can be a Muslim which is something absurd, so how do they explain the Christians and Jews that are Pakistani?  It is beyond bafflement that such people live in the west and do not make a good effort or even a meagre effort to learn the language of the place in which they live!
I have often heard children say “he cannot be Muslim! He is not Pakistani!” Or when they meet a new Muslim they say, “You cannot be Muslim,” which means you cannot be a Pakistani. So if you are a new Muslim and you hear someone say this then you know where it comes from.
It is also the same when some Arabs of today that you cannot be a true Muslim without proper Arabic. So maybe it is because of these false modern attitudes that the Indonesian Muslim population outnumber the rest of the ethnic groups.
New Muslims who come into Islam need to learn Islam not Pakistan! Or any other nationalist mentality, but are we concerned? In many cases people come into Islam, see what we have and flee. Why? because we are not teaching them what they need to know.
We have a lot of work to do and people who have this attitude should be sent to their own countries and left there. People who are in the west need to understand Islam  better and remove their village mentalities.


  1. Salaam,

    Maybe Allah SWT sent him to test your patience.

    Maybe Allah SWT sent him to test you on your last post of automatically assuming good in people no matter what they say :-)

  2. Next time you encounter someone like that just recite the following few lines from Gulzar Dehlvi's Rubaiyaat:

    "Geeta ki, na Taurat o Guru Sahib ki;
    Injeel, na Qur'an ki zabaan hain Urdu.
    Mazhab ki na suubo ki na firqo ki, faqad;
    WalLaah! kay har dil ki zabaan hain Urdu!

  3. This sounds familiar to me because there are also Turkish nationalists who claim that Turks are the best Muslims. I haven't met anyone who claims Turkish is the language of Islam so far but holding these two inconsistent beliefs of nationalism and Islam is very common unfortuantely.

  4. And I feel your pain, these people get on my nerves as well. I feel like shouting at them: Be consistent people! They should either be nationalists or Muslims, they need to make a choice really.