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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Disputations

Part eight

1. If you do not put work in, how are you going to get anything out?

2. Partisanship is destroying Islam from the inside causing roars of laughter in the corridors of power.

3. Allah gave you a disease so he could bless you with a cure. Then give you a reward for both!

4. Do not wish to change your circumstances because whatever position you are in, you’ll have problems.

5. Opening your mouth is one the mistakes that you cannot take back.

6. You haven’t connected with Allah until you enjoy acts of worship.

7. Is it not strange how we do things differently when we know we are being watched? So then is it not strange that we should have more taqwa if we realised this fact?

8. Its not the words you use it’s the feeling that’s behind them, that’s important.

9. Allah puts up with all your bad character that people cannot bear. So to whom are your loyalties?

10. There is a pleasure in delighting the hearts of a fellow Muslim.

11. People are dying all the time, so why do you think that your time is not due?

12. Death is as close to you as your clothes.

13. Reminders that the end is close are surrounding you like blanket

14. Once trust is lost it can never be regained, ever.

15. Whatever you do, do not expect an easy ride. The captain has declared that its not going to be plain sailing all the way, it’s going to be rough in some parts. So do not surprised when a storm comes.

16. Do not ruin your present by digging up something from the past...

17. Sometimes you cannot mend what should not have been broken.

18. Giving someone another chance is sometimes like giving yourself a kick in the face.

19. It never ceases to amaze me how people stand on legs of fresh air!

20. When you are given clear signs, go for it and do not hesitate as your loss maybe too difficult to bear.

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