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Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Disputations

Part six

1. If you have never felt sorrow then you cannot appreciate happiness.

2. It's impossible to achieve the aim without suffering R.Fripp King Crimson.

3. Having hopes in human beings is foolishness of the highest order.

4. Do not wait for things to change that you can do something about.

5. When things do not work out pick yourself up and move on.

6. Use the temporary to prepare for permanence.

7. People can only understand you as much as their own experiences.

8. If you truly want something turn your heart away from it. Then when you reach out for it then it shall be yours.

9. Sometimes the heart’s desire is distraction from the larger goal.

10. Everything has its day and when it is over it does not return. The peak
is reached only once.

11. Grief has a way of holding you tight when every other emotion lets you go.

12. "I think things happen when they are supposed to... or something stupid like that." Charlie Sheen.

13. Do not think Allah has debased you when you lose something worldly

14. Do not think Allah has raised you when you get something worldly

15. Ali ibn Abu Talib said, "Enemies are three types: Your enemy, the friend of your enemy and enemy of your friend."

16. “It is a world of disappointment; often to the hopes we most cherish, and hopes that do our nature the greatest honour.” Charles Dickens Oliver Twist p.403.

17. When Allah wants you to rely on him then he takes away what you falsely rely on. So you can call on him with a pure heart. It could be your job, your family or your business. This is His way of drawing you close to Him.

18. One of the most dangerous things in the world that you can do is think.

19. Beauty is not found externally, as that can fool you for eternity.

20. Speak and do not expect to be heard. Hear and do not wait to speak.

21. The reward for patience is so great because it is so hard.

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