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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Wisdom of the red light

Why are you sad that you have been stopped at a red light?

Are you the only the person who this has occurred to?

Have you ever travelled as a passenger in a car?

You have?

Well have you noticed that when you are travelling anywhere you have parts of the journey that you can go fast and other parts when you have to stop. Sometimes the traffic is bad and you have stop. But sooner or later things clear up and you can continue.

When you come to a red light do you become despondent?

No, you don’t, you wait for the green light and then you continue. There is no journey that you’ll take using the car, bus, train even plane without having to stop at a red light. What should your reaction be?

Be patient and keep going your journey is not over.

You might be stuck at the red light now but you won’t be stuck forever.

Keep going.

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