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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Rain

Many years ago I was in the wonderful city of Fez enjoying the environment and its people. One day, during a break from studies, it began to rain. I had not seen rain for months as I had been travelling around for about two months to different places. They were mostly humid arid landscapes and during the summer months, Fez was the same but today things were different.

Today it was raining and I was so grateful for the rain. Coming from sunny Yorkshire in the UK meant we enjoy regular spells of rain at any time of the year. Somehow this rain was different it was cleansing. Looking upwards I remarked on how long it had been since I had seen rain. Those present did not share my feelings, it was something odd to them.

My friends thought I was strange and a few days later when it rained again they began to dance in it out of jovial jest. One even began to wash himself with his clothes on! O the foolishness of university students!

In Fez the rain cleanses the streets from the debris that is present even some rubbish would disappear. Unless you are in the old city where large pools of water would not be uncommon. In the UK when it rains it does not make a difference to anything in the slightest.

One of my (other) friends once told me that there are angels assigned to each drop of water to ensure it reaches its desired place. Maybe that’s why I missed it so much...

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