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Friday, April 08, 2011

Politics The Art of Puppetry And Deception

A comedian called Bill hicks (d.1994) used to make the following the statement about politics in America:

Person A, “I like the puppet on the left.”

Person B, “The puppet of the right is more to my liking.”

Person C, “Wait a minute there is one guy holding up both puppets!”

Government, ”Go back to sleep America your government is in control. Here’s fifty channels of gladiators and keep drinking beer you mxxxns.”

In the West we are distracted by the puppets and when we get bored of them we change them. Yet the system stays the same and we do not know who the dictators are. In Muslims countries everything is open and clear. We know who the dictators are.

So when the people protest in the west it does not mean anything because the worst that’ll happen is that a puppet may change. But protesting elsewhere is dangerous as it might actually change something!

I would rather have bars that I could see, rather than to be told I am free but really in chains!

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