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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let scholars correct scholars

One of the great signs of decadence, that is plaguing our communities, is the self righteous person who attacks scholars.

From time to time there will be a scholar who might say something by mistake or because of the heat of the moment they may something that they were unaware of. What it needs from the crowd is that they overlook these occurrences. Did not the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) teach us to give people seventy excuses? Does not a scholar deserve that as well?

Instead, we have people who are like vultures who pounce on a 'mistake' like a flea biting onto a host. Claiming in some way that they are doing it for religious reasons. This type of religiousness is not wanted and is down right ugly.

People sit around in their little groups and say that this scholar has good aquida and that scholar has bad, just because they disagree with something that they said. There are times when there is a genuine difference of opinion but people should give them the benefit of the doubt and not attack him for being a wahabi! I am the first to admit that people say things that they do not mean. Anyone who speaks publicly will know this.

Yet, if we examine the behavior of the people who claim to have found a 'mistake' then we find them backbiting, slandering, cursing almost 24-7 then they attack a scholar for something that they do not agree with?

Have they actually studied a text in Islamic belief? In most cases, they know only one issue and are totally unaware of the basics of faith.

It is a great sign of decadence and ruin that everyone thinks that they are a scholar. When most people cannot even recite the Quran correctly, yet they claim to flying the flag of the religion! Maybe they should sit in a class of tajweed and learn the exit points of the Arabic letters.

If a scholar makes a mistake, let another scholar correct him because corrections from those who are at a similar level are easier to take, for anyone in any profession field. Bear this in mind brothers as some of you are going to get a real shock when you think that you have earned good actions but you have actually earned wrong actions.

I would also like to request people avoid calling each other 'Sheikh' out of respect, as this lowers the title when its used for anyone.

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  1. JazakAllahu khair for this VERY relevant post.