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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Disputations

Part Three

1. Knowledge is not attitude.

2. If you have attitude and no knowledge then you have nothing.

3. Take advantage of delays but know that some delays do not run on time.

4. Sympathy is unwelcome sometimes.

5. Satan only whispers to your heart what you wish was true but you know all too well that it is not.

6. You’ll never get what you truly desire until you don’t desire it anymore.

7. No candle burns forever sooner or later it goes out.

8. Don’t be sad because things can change in a moment.

9. It’s really easy to get caught up in the emotion so try not to react based purely upon emotion.

10. Nothing brings the old back to life like kids.

11. Delaying a good action is like not doing it all.

12. What are you doing with your life if you aren't preparing for your afterlife?

13. There is a good reason why things DON'T happen; so be calm!

14. The Arabic word تكلم/to speak, has another root meaning كلم which means to wound.How many people have we wounded with our words?

15. We don’t remember the how it started but we remember how it ended.

16. Some journeys don’t seem to end.

17. Don’t believe the words people say until you see it and when you see it question his sincerity, and when you question his sincerity know that you might not get the answer that you expected.

18. It’s better to admit that you cannot do something then try and look foolish.

19. There is a lot of wisdom in road rulings, slow down!

20. If you concern yourself with other people’s problems;  it will take up all your time and you won’t be able to change a thing. Be concerned about your own problems because that concern you can do something about!

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