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Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Palestine?

Free Palestine?

We have heard this, read this and seen this phrase a lot over the last few days due to obvious events but who are we referring to and who are we ordering to do this? I was thinking about this phrase and I wondered if it meant more in Arabic. We roughly translated it as حرية لفلسطين changing it a little to freedom for Palestine. In Arabic this would be called a جملة الإسمية nominal sentence which is a sentence without a subject. So this is just a statement without a telling us who is going to do anything. This can be defined as speech قول as it has a complete meaning.

In a sentence with a verb is a verbal sentence جملة الفعلية once we have a sentence with a verb in it we know that a certain action is going to be carried out, because of the verb. Now there can be a verb which subject is known if there is a name mentioned but if there is no name mentioned then it is unknown. So only when the name is mentioned do we know who is going to do what because there is no verb or subject.

So what does this mean? Who are we speaking to? The state of Israel is a country that was founded after the brutal occupation of the British in Palestine after the division of the Ottoman empire.

So we are protesting and arguing for Palestine to be freed from those people who actually made that state! It’s like telling murders that they should not have killed anyone! It’s too late they have already done it!

Are we telling the Western governments to free Palestine? Have any of them spoken out about it? Even if they have spoken up that is a something big but very little has been said. As usual the impotence of some leaders of countries reaches further depths of decadence.

People who are silent when injustice is being committed are as bad as those committing the actions!


We see very little point in protesting. All you are doing is wearing yourself out and when you finish the day you’ll realise that you have achieved very little and if you think that the protesting will solve this situation then you need to think again.

Just look at the protests over the Iraq war just about every country and city, in the western world, had protests but they still went ahead. Is this not proof that the democratic system does not listen to the people it actually claims to represent!
So don’t text me, email me or tell me to protest because I see it as a waste of time. It just makes the Muslims look like more of a nuisance in the media.


We do need to spread awareness but using media that reaches people. This is most effective way of reaching a wider audience. Many people do not realise the true extent of the problems there and they need to be informed in a good manner.

This is the best way to spread information. I wonder why Muslims do not buy broadsheet newspaper and then use this to spread facts about this. Is this such a difficult thing to do? Or shall we instead buy a Ferrari and drive that around the desert! Is that better; we are totally oblivious.

Historical proof

If you look at any oppressive force or country then you’ll realise one thing that these regimes do not last. They sow their own destruction and fall spectacularly. This current regime is nothing new in terms of oppressive states and like those states they will not last nor will they prosper.

One of my teachers predicted that the fall of Israel will come within fifty years that was over four years ago. And we can see now that the more injustice is shown to innocent civilians the more opinions are changing. I can see the fall of the state within the next few years. I do think its fall is linked to the fall of the capitalism in the West which is a system that is on its knees.


We wish to conclude that there is much suffering on this world but there is also much hope and this hope can help us through. We should keep supplicating and keep our pens busy or whatever way is open for us to speak out in a constructive manner. If you cannot that do this, then remain silent.

Know that thanks to the deal between Saudi and the US the money that they pay to them for oil is kept in banks so they can feed off the interest. Why have they not said anything about the injustices that their paymasters have done is nothing but shocking. Those who have not spoken out fear their flimsy position in the world will lose their positions one day. So why not speak up and be remembered for courage rather than be remembered for cowardice?

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