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Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Disputations

Inspired by Sheikh Abdulhakim Murad’s Contentions we wanted to present our own series called the Disputations a new series for Sheikhy Notes. We hope you enjoy it.
1. It can be bitter to wake for prayer but remember that the fruits are sweet.
2. Do not mix your good actions with your bad actions.
3. Everything that afflicts you that you learn from is a blessing and everything that afflicts you that you do not learn from is an opportunity that you have failed to take.
4. I have never been more humiliated or honored by anything else except knowledge.
5. Foolish is he who believes the words coming out of people’s mouths.
6. "In sooth I know not why I am so sad, It wearies me, you say it wearies you; but how I caught it, found it, or came by it, What stuff 'tis made of, whereof it is born, I am to learn: And such a want-sit sadness makes of me, That I have much ado to know myself." Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice. Act one Scene one.
7. The way that I understand it is that the soul is attached to heaven as that is its original abode and the Naafs is attached to the body and the lower desires because it has earthly qualities. The heart is like the core and this is one the channels that can be used to purify the Naafs in order to get it to obey, rather than follow its base passions.
8. Back problems have lots of wisdom in them. If you try to rest your back it will get worse. So staying in bed is not an option. You have to keep moving or it'll get worse and the more you move the better the chances that it will get better quicker. Doing nothing is not an option.
9. Whoever goes into the market place in search of needs will find nothing and whoever goes into the market without any need will find what they need.
10. Qatada (one of the scholars of Basra) said, “Patience is part of faith like the position of the hands before the body. Whoever is not patient upon tribulation is not grateful upon blessings. If patience was a man he would be generous and beautiful.” Ibn Abi Dunya Patience p.112
11. Trying to live out your dreams can be a nightmare...
12. Death is no surprise.
13.There is part of God's mercy if you stand, if you trip and if you fall. There is good in all.
14. The world is full of false hopes.
15. Satan’s plan is part of Allah’s plan – so don’t worry!
16. If you look to the people for gratitude then you will always be disappointed.
17. Nothing in the world; worth having; comes easy.
18. If you look to the people for gratitude then you will always be disappointed.
19. Don't trust anyone with big secrets until you are sure that they can keep small secrets. Even then be suspect because events can change a person from being trustworthy to not, so know that your heart is always the best place for any of your secrets.
20. When the people close to you, hurt you it is because they have access to information that your enemies do not. Giving them the power to hurt you unlike no enemy ever could...
21. Broken things don't travel well they make lots of noise!
22. How can the owner of everything be unjust to anything he owns!
23. We come into the Dunya with nothing and we leave with nothing; so what have you lost? Nothing. (in terms of worldly items).
24. Do you control your laziness or does your laziness control you?
25. Sadness remains in the world the place of deception.
يبقى الحزن بلا نهاية في الدنيا الدار الغرور
26. Our imperfections make us human...
27. Sometimes I wonder if I have spent my life looking for pieces of a jigsaw that don't fit.
28. The more you experience things in the world; the more they mean nothing.
29. He is tired of the Dunya and is happy that each day is a step closer to leaving it.
30. Anything that puts you off a fard action is satan!
31. Why do you crave a place; in the place that everything perishes?
32. A fire is not put out by wine or alcohol; it is put out by water.
33. "Do good you will find good." A saying of the Arabs.
34. "Take opportunities or opportunities will be taken from you." (For good works only!)
35. Truth builds and lies destroy – A saying of the Arabs.


  1. Assalaamu alaikum :)

    I really like this post! You posted the saying about gratitude twice, but honestly you could have posted it many more times because it is very true...and its something we shouldn't forget.

    Also, thanks for posting the Timbuktu documentary!

  2. Jazk Allah khayr

    Thanks for your message. I'll sort that out.

  3. A lot of wisdom in this post! I love Shaykh Abdel Hakim Murad=)

    Thank you for this! Great blog=)

  4. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah Arfan,

    Baarakallahu feek, akhil 'azeez, for the reminders.

    Also, is the Arabic line from you, or does it come from elsewhere?

    يبقى الخزن بلا نهاية في الدنيا الدار الغرور

    I am no expert, but it seems there may be a typo- should it be "الحزن" not "الخزن"?