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Sunday, September 19, 2010

When imparting knowledge

Chapter Twenty Four

When you reach a point that you can teach a certain science or law it becomes obligatory for you to teach it. So try to find people that you can teach this can be anyone.

One of the most important things that you will realise is that you will be repeating your knowledge over and over again. In some cases you will be repeating the same answer to the same person, several times.

Sometimes when you have answered a question, the questioner will feel that you have not answered the question and will keep asking you the same question. This is some of the types of things that you’ll face when teaching.

Also know that you will face attacks from people who are less knowledgeable than yourself. Sometimes it’s out of arrogance and other times its out of ignorance. Either way you have to be prepared for complaints against your knowledge even complaints against you.

This is part of the path of knowledge that there are many thorns in your way when teaching. It is not simply about getting the best seat in the room and delivering the lesson. You will face attacks and you have to be ready for them.

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  1. One gem of advice from Sh. Abdullah Adhami:
    If speaking in front of a group, and one is giving nasiha or admonition, it is best to lower one's gaze and not look in the direction of a person or some of the people. This is profoundly beneficial because #1 Looking in a person's direction, or towards a group, when admonishing them can embarrass them, make them feel singled out. And #2 Directing the gaze downward when you say it implies a gravity and seriousness that will cause people to take greater heed, insha'Allah!