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Thursday, September 09, 2010


If all you have got, this Ramadan, is that you know your Naafs better then you have attained a great deal of good. Any desires that you had in Ramadan either came because of your habituation to them or that they came from the Naafs/Ego.

Realise that you can differentiate between what your Naafs is calling to and what satan is calling to. Satan gets the raw end of the deal sometimes as he gets the blame for our wrong actions. When all he does is see the desire in us to commit sins and then says go for it. Even though we have lead ourselves to that sin and when we pause, then he comes but do we blame our Naafs for leading us there? Most of us do not and many are unaware of this.

What is the Cure?

Read Imam Ghazali’s work on Breaking the two desires from Ihya Ulum Ud-Din. In it are many cures that need to be taken.

Sometimes denying oneself permissible things prevents one from moving to excess. Being excessive in permissible matters can cause one to fall into prohibited actions. For example if someone consumes too much food that can cause health problems.

Know that denying the Naafs is a path to Paradise. So do not be alarmed or upset about the result of finding out what it is really like. We all have one and we are all in the same boat. Yet, you are lucky because you know what to do now and so many people are totally unaware of difference hence cannot do anything about it.

The Naafs is like a child and must be trained. This does not happen overnight it takes time. You always have to be aware of this and be on guard. You may also which to read what we have written about Taqwa as that is also relevant to this topic. Also have a read about satan’s post Ramadan trick.



One of the secrets of Eid is that it is a time of gratitude and after satan has spent a month tied up he gets more grief when we celebrate Eid! We are grateful that we can eat again and we rejoice in visiting family and friends. Had there been no celebration then the day after fasting ended may have seemed pointless and may have caused satan to fight back strongly instead he gets further weakened as we celebrate thus getting stronger.

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