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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feet feelers – beware!

If you see me in the masjid and I have come into a line of the congregation, please do not touch my foot with yours!! I know that you feel that it is your duty to touch my foot and that you must move your foot in prayer so you can touch my foot. Please do not do it.

I do realise that there is no mention of touching the feet by all of the greatest minds of Islam. The exception is one group who ‘think’ that everyone ‘missed’ the hadith! This is backbiting against all the scholars who preceded us.

The real problem I have about this is that when someone comes and stands next to me then pushes their foot next to mine, the whole point of the prayer is gone! I was concentrating on my prayer before you came and stood on my foot. Now, all I am going is thinking why is he touching my foot? Worse still is when I move my feet away then they move their feet closer! So the whole prayer is ruined because I am not attaining anything from the prayer. All I am doing is avoiding your foot!

So please brother don’t touch my feet with yours. It annoys me and puts me off my prayer. Fine, if you want to touch feet then do it with your friends but don’t do it to me!

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