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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Technology is Man's greatest fallacy

Technology is Man's greatest fallacy

We live in a time where man thinks that technology can save him. All this is means man is progressing. I watch movies on my phone, I can see the people who I am talking about, I use this machine to this and that. One of my friends said have you noticed that all this technology is about "i"? We seem to think that technology is man's yard stick for progress and this is somehow making us better. Technology can help us save lives yet look at the arms industry why are we learning of more ways to kill people?

We sit on machines wondering what to do with them. We move from one machine to another without realising what is going on. Man is alone but cannot communicate because he can speak using his laptop better than he can with his own lips.

Is this progress? Is man progressing? Making great strides thanks to a machine that is made obsolete. As soon as it reaches you there is another piece of rubbish to take its place.

If man is so advanced as a race then why are making bombs to kill other people. All these countries who take pride in their wealth and their advanced societies are the same ones teaching and training others to kill their own.

In this time that people are deceived into lying to their people and themselves in some sort of vain belief that if people follow them then this will vindicate their lies.

We are lost using our machines whilst the machines of war kill innocent people in the name of democracy. Freedom is spelt differently in those lands possessed by foreign invaders it’s spelt free-doom because that’s what it is, doom for free. Except it’s not for free it’s at a cost, the greatest cost, is the loss of human life and the next is their natural resources.

They come to liberate you from your bodies, liberate your families from this earth, and liberate your homes from the ground. Lets us cheer as they blame religion and join in their lies.

Bombs made in factories that people don’t care; exported to military bases all over the world then dropped on the heads of the innocents. It was an accident, it is collateral damage? No, that’s a lie. They massacre innocent people as their natural resources are stolen from them as you set one against the other.

This is mans great progress? Isn’t it? Well to me this is the lie of the last century and this new one that everyone is asleep watching our DVD’s as they kill claiming its for you and me.

They kill to exploit and they kill to mock. We sit here and don’t even question. When will they enter the dock?

Just because you have your iphone means nothing because I can speak and communicate to real people. Don’t cry if they take it away from you.

Technology means nothing even these words mean nothing because I am using this medium to contact you.

Is there another way? Yes there is, get rid of what you don’t need and realise what Orwell wrote, “Freedom is slavery, War is peace and Ignorance is strength.” We are all ignorant and we are happy. We think invasion is freedom and war is setting things right. Who gave us the right?

Wake up people this is the looking glass and you are not going to like what you are going to see just like Alice.

Technology is not going to help you into Paradise, is it?

Sheikh Hmza Yusuf - Planning for Tomorrow

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  1. Indeed, we always think we are moving forward yet we are merely finding new ways to commit the oldest mistakes.