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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Opportunity knocks

Opportunity knocks was an old television show which showcased new talent, all these acts were then put up for a public vote. The public would send in post cards and the decision was made a week later. This show gave a chance for those unheard individuals a platform to show what they could do.

Many went on to careers in ‘show business’ and this enabled many people to reach heights that may have not been possible otherwise. This amazing opportunity was a golden chance for people to show what they could do. Some did not make the most of this chance and others made the most of it. You either take the opportunity or the opportinutiy is taken from you. Someone cannot pay a bill at midnight at his local post office because it’s not open at that time.

Similarly, this month has arrived in which the greatest opportunity has arrived. This is the opportunity to change our patterns, change our hearts and break our bad habits. We blame our bad deeds on satan but in this month he is not here and you no longer have that excuse.

The month of Ramadan comes but once a year and if we only knew its value we would want it to be Ramadan all year around. I remember a Qasida that the Yemenis sometimes sing, “Welcome, O’ Month of Ramadan, Welcome, O’ month of Ramadan, Welcome, O’ month of Ramadan, Welcome, O’ month of worship.” Different times have different values and different times allow you to do certain things.

This is a month in which you can flex your religious muscles and show that true potential that you have for worship but once the month is over do not go back to your old habits, try to keep your new ones.

We are just moments away from this blessed opportunity and when it leaves Ramadan for 1431 it will be over and it will never come back. Then we have to ask ourselves, did we use the time well and did we take advantage of this great opportunity?

Bob Monkhouse used to say, "When opportunity comes your way, don't knock it!"

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