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Thursday, July 29, 2010

English is the language of rubbish

We don’t really mean that but now we have your attention let’s explain what we are saying. Increasing we are seeing the use of the Arabic language on sweet wrappers and other types of packaging. This is, to a supposed student of knowledge, horrific. As when we are done with the item the packaging is normally thrown away; this is not something that we should be doing!

We are throwing away something that has Arabic words upon it which could mean that there is a letter or word from the Quran. This really scares me and we try to avoid to buying products with Arabic writing on them. If you cannot then at least remove it somehow; when you have finished.

Arabic is a divine language and not the language that should be used for packaging that can be thrown away! That’s why we have English. English is the language of rubbish not Arabic!

Just in case you think that we really think what the title reads then let me give you something to think about. We are presently enjoying a lengthy sojourn in the works of Shakespeare, how spiffing!

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