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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Silver Spoon theory

I was sat with a scholar when a good natured brother came and asked him a question. “Why are Muslims who come into Islam more religious than those who are born Muslims?” At that moment the lesson re-started and there was no time to answer the question.

This question was something that bothered me for months and I began to wonder, 'why were people who had come into Islam are more religious than those who were born Muslim?' In many cases, born Muslims have failed to grasp some concepts that new Muslims have no problem with.

One of my friends once said that scholars who were not born Muslim but who entered Islam, then became scholars displayed Islam better than those who were born Muslim. I did not agree with him here but because of his limited access to scholars I could understand where he was coming from.

After more months of pondering the answer was given to me. Like the child who is born into the riches of his parents they do not know how difficult it was for their parents to attain their wealth. We call those who are born wealthy as having a silver spoon in their months. Then compare this to those who work hard and struggle to attain wealth. They know how difficult it was for them to attain the wealth that they got through hardship. So they appreciate it more and spend it wisely. As for the one born with the silver spoon, they do not appreciate the struggle, so spend their money without a care.

Similarly, a person who is born Muslim sometimes does not realise the immense blessing it is to be born a Muslim hence some of them do not practice like others. So when a person accepts Islam and becomes Muslim then they appreciate the blessings and practice the religion as much as they can.

This is my silver spoon theory and its just a theory so do not get upset!

Of course there are exceptions to this and there are many people who this does not concern. I hope it has answered the question!


  1. Subhannallah, something to definitely ponder on.

  2. AS salaam Alaikum Thus is so true. Muslims who were born into the religion , the religion was forced on them whether in school or in families. These Muslims have walked away from Islam but would find there way back. I think if A Muslim born into the religion would have a better chance of not going astray if the family is dedicated to Allah and the family show good morals in the way of Allah, without this it;s easy to get lost. As for Ppl. entering Islam there searching for it, so when they excepted the religion they grab onto it and run with it. MAny dedicate many years studying and getting their Degrees to teach the religion. Although their are also many Converts who turn back on Islam because they have entered into the religion in a weak community and there was no outreach program to help them on there way. So in reality both sides are strong and weak and we as a Islamic Community have to help everyone stay strong. So how to do this , by sitting and studying with the Scholars, Imams, and Shaykhs of traditional Islam (meaning those teachers who's leanage goes back to the Prophet (swa). This allows Islam to grow in the heart of every Muslim. Inshallah Allah is so Merciful.