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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Last Day

The day of judgement

Are we bothered about it? I mean really bothered. Do we shake when we realise that all our faults will open for everyone to see and we will not be able to deny, do we? All those sins we committed in the darkness of the night will be exposed for everyone to see.

Are we thinking about it? Do we pause for a moment and think that this could be may last moment on Earth before I am about to be buried in it. Do I really want to die with all these sins weighting on top of me?

Are we asleep when our tongues move from sin to sin thinking that we are the ‘saved’ ones and that everyone else is going to be punished but not us, no, not our select bunch!

We are asleep. Really and truly we are asleep because if we were awake we would not think about the moment that we will resurrected and then be given our books. The book we have spent a lifetime filling with sins and we did not care. The book that we forgot about; the book we did not heed to write good in is given to us.

How can you complain now? You cannot edit it now; it is too late! What are we going to do then? What? Do you like to look at sins? It will make you feel sick but who did them? Are you ready to die? Think about it! At any moment of your life you will be taken out of this world not a moment of your choosing but a moment of His choosing. In fact the moment has been laid down and there is nothing that will change it. So what are you going to do? Change your ways or just go back to being the same as you were before?

We are not bothered are we? If we were then we would change our ways. We would think that this moment is my last and that’s it! Game over! What are you going to do now? You cannot go back and do things again. This is it!

What makes me think, is that this world is the means to a final abode and someone who does not use the means, means that they do not care! If you do not care about your deen then you do not care about the day and if you do not care about the day then you are the living dead. I do not mean you are a zombie but you are a person who dreams about entering paradise and does not want to work for it. You are too bothered about other things that cause you nothing but loss. When you are about to do something; think is it going to benefit me on the day of judgement or not? If it isn’t then don’t do it! Leave it!

Would you like that you have done something worthy and then you are informed about its goodness? Or would you prefer that someone who inform you of your sins? Your choice , your bed and you have to lay in it. Make it a bed in paradise and not elsewhere as the alternative is unthinkable. Do you really want to take a chance and ruin yourself or do you want to be smart and prepare yourself for that day in the best way?

Al-Faqih Al-Bahir said, "If I knew with certainty that all my life would be one moment; then I would be agreived and I would fill it with righteous acts and obedience." (Nafahat Al-Arab p.264)

It’s up to you...

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