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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Umar ibn Abdulaziz and the Bedouin

They say that in the days of Umar ibn Abdulaziz a sever drought occurred. A party of Bedouins came to the court of Umar ibn Abdulaziz headed by a man who was to state their case, which was as follows, ‘The skin on our bodies is parched through lack of nourishment. Our relief is in your public funds. The money in the public treasury is of three kinds only: it belongs either to God or to his slaves or to you. If it belongs to God, he has no need of it, so give it to His slaves; if it belongs to God’s slaves, give it them: if it belongs to you, then (Quran 12:88) ‘Give it to us in charity. Truly, Allah recompenses the charitable.”

Tears came to the eyes of Umar ibn Abdulaziz, and he replied, ‘It is as you have said.’ Then he ordered that their needs be satisfied from the Treasury. The Nomad (spokesman) requested permission to leave, and Umar ibn Abdulaziz said to him, ‘O’ man, you have stated the case of God’s slaves to me. State my case likewise to Allah the exalted!’ The Bedouin turned his face to the sky and said, ‘O’ Lord. In your strength and glory do for Umar Ibn Abdulaziz what he has done for your slaves.’

At that very moment a cloud came up and rain began to fall. During the rainstorm a large hailstone came down, and dropped onto a baked brick and broke. Out of it came a letter, which said, ‘This is a warrant from me, Allah the exalted, to Umar ibn Abdulaziz. I have exempted Umar ibn Abdulaziz from the hellfire.’

Imam Ghazali Counsel for Kings p.68 translated by F.R.C. Bagley

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Umar ibn Abdulaziz (may bestow upon him mercy) was the khalifh of the Muslim world from 717-720. He is sometimes referred to as the fifth rightly guided khalifh.

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