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Friday, January 15, 2010

Respecting scholars

Chapter Twenty One

This may be an obvious post about a subject that is well known and does not need to be spoken about. I have seen this recently and it needs re-iterating because it is really ugly.

No one should ever criticise another scholar, by name, when they are in the public domain. There is simply no excuse for it, none at all. If you do not like that teacher for whatever reason then hold your tongue and do not say anything. Do not do anything that could affect your learning because mocking scholars will make your learning harder.

One of the other points of respecting a scholar is respecting each others spiritual masters or murshids/sheikhs. Followers/murids of different leaders should not mock or debase other masters. This is not only wretched to hear about, it is even worse to see. So do not do this, ever.

If you have a negative feeling for a scholar, then hold it in and do not articulate it, ever.