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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sheikh Atabek Shukurov

Sheikh Atabek gave the following explanation of the Prophetic narration.

الدُّنيَا سِجنُ المُؤمِنِ وَ جَنَّة الكَافِرِ

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the disbeliever.”
(Tirmidhi and Muslim 4 no 7058)

Here are possible explanations:

1. The world is a place where the Muslim has difficulty and rules to follow. Whilst the disbeliever feels as if he is free to do whatever he wants.

2. Muslims will have problems and struggle in the world.

3. This world, compared to paradise, is a jail

The place of a Muslims freedom is in paradise.

Abu Laith As-Samarqandi (may Allah be pleased with him) in "Informing the heedless/Tanbih Al-Ghafeleen" (p.138) said, "The believer is in vast blessings and if he examines the blessings of Allah in paradise then it is as if he is in jail because when death comes he is shown paradise. When he gazes to what Allah has prepared for him of blessings then he will know he was in jail. When death comes to the disbeliever the fire is shown to him so when he looks to what Allah has prepared for him of various punishments then he will know that he was in paradise."

The famous hadith scholar Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani met a Jewish man. The Iron monger knew this hadith and he reflected on his state and the sheikh’s state. He was covered in dirt and the Sheikh had the best clothes with his entourage and he asked him about this hadith then said, “What paradise am I in and what prison are you in?” The Sheikh reflected on his state and explained if he considered what he would receive in paradise then this is a prison for him and if the Jewish man considered what is awaiting him then he would realise that he was in paradise. The Jewish man became Muslim.

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