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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Habib Umar ibn Hafiz

Part Three of Seven

Third Session

With a broken heart see Allah’s favour upon us

This sphere we take benefit for beneficial knowledge

Knowledge and action need to be combined; a mixture

All knowledge is a blessing by Allah’s will

Anyone opposing to this is contentious; the one who envies is punished and the person who is envied about is raised

Pray for that person and it will removed from your envy

Knowledge in the heart is beneficial knowledge

It was stated that one unit of prayer of a scholar is better than a thousand of ignoramuses because of his knowledge

Three types of scholar:
1. Scholar of people
2. Scholar of refinement of purification
3. Scholar of spiritual opening

Some have more than one level

It is stated that those without a sheikh; have satan as their sheikh (spiritual leader)

Satan tricked a student telling him that he would take him to paradise, he did this a few times and the student was confused and asked his sheikh who said for him to refuse to leave there because if someone goes the paradise then they do not leave. So when this occurred again he refused to leave then when fajr adhan came he realised in was in a rubbish heap. The student returned home ashamed. The Sheikh knew was it was satan but did not tell the student because he knew the students reaction.

The unclear matters in this religion were cleared up by Abu Mansur Al-Maturdi (Hanafi) and Abu Hassan Al-Ashari (Ashari) – after the initial period

They defended the correct path and refuted those incorrect

These creeds are the footing to realise Allah

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