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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Habib Umar ibn Hafiz

The Trodden Path: Spirituality and the Remembrance of God
From the text Fatah Al-Basir Al-Ikhwan fi Sharh Dawir Al-Islam/Opening the brothers insight by explaining the spheres of Islam
October 2008 Bradford

Part one of Seven

This work is sufficient for a traveller to Allah (the exalted)

The author was from the Ahl Al-Bayt (from the blessed Prophetic descent)

He was a master in one hundred disciplines

Sheikh Abdurraham ibn Abdullah ibn Ahmed Al-Faqih Muhammad Ba’alawi

Lived in 12th Islamic century

He studied other knowledge after he studied the knowledge of the religion

There will be a realisation with it’s study

Let us direct ourselves

Bismillah is important to mention when beginning actions

The devil is unable is change this

A pious woman became persistent in saying Bismillah in all her affairs. A foolish man gave her some silver coins to look after. She took the coins saying bismillah, stood up, sat down, took the key, opened the safe and placed the coins in the safe, then closed the safe then put the key into its place and she had said bismillah upon every movement. The man sneaked into the house, opened the safe and threw the coins into a well then he went to her and asked her to return the money. She went as she did saying bismillah upon every movement and when she opened the safe, the coins were where she left them wet with water. She gave them back to him, he reflected and wept

Receiving counsel is the way of the successful

The inward cannot be reached without the outward

The companions (may Allah be pleased with them) are the best of this nation, their station is unattainable

Some are better than others: oath of content, those at Badr and Uhud, Oath of happiness, those Muslims before the opening of Mecca.

The religion is one but the levels are various

This depends on sincerity

Entrance is the testification of faith

The people of mercy say there is no reality except Allah (mighty and majestic)

The first level is that there is no deity other than Allah

There are three hundred degrees:
100 no deity
200 no aim
300 no existence
360 No vision

Khalid ibn Al-Walid and some companions came to a place where some Christians said if the message of Islam was true then which of you will drink from this poison. Khalid ibn al-Walid (may Allah be pleased with him) drank poison of the Christians, when he said nothing but Allah (mighty and majestic) would harm him. He said, “Nothing with his name harms; in the Earth and the heavens; he is the All-hearing, All -Knowing.” When he did not die this shock their hearts and they became Muslims.

He said this in a state of realisation

There was a lady who asked a scholar to write bismillah on a glass vessel but every time he wrote this the glass would break. Then he said I wrote this in a state of realisation and if you were bring all the glass vessels of the town they would break. Get someone whose heart is headless to write it.

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