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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Advice for a teacher

Chapter Seventeen

The teacher must be aware of the area that he is in. If he is not from that area then he must study the area, the people and the circumstances. He must know what he could face and he must know what people are doing and try to figure out a way to reach them.

The teacher must not be proud or boastful this will prevent people taking knowledge from him and this will confirm what people think of some teachers. That they are not able to relate to the people because they are arrogant.

As a teacher of Islam a person must be aware that he is there to serve other people not there to serve himself. He has to be ready to speak to people and serve them without them finding him difficult to approach. So be easy to approach and do not be hasty to judge.

The teacher must make time for other people and be prepared to sacrifice his own time for other people. They must realise that they are servant for the people and they have to do their bestfor them.

They must also be aware they will recieve harm from those people who are the most ignorant. They are the ones who have sat in your lectures and not heeded then gone against you on a matter that is minor.

Know that you may not be able answer every question and that you may need to check things up. Never be afriad to say that you do not know, as even this can help a student, sometimes.

Being a teacher, in this time, you will be aware of the sins of people more than the good sometimes you have to be aware of this. Note that people do not value Islamic knowledge anymore and some even belittle knowledge!! So any teacher in this time knows that they are belittled by people who want progress without understanding things correctly so they may want to finish a book without understanding it.

You may have students who are lazy so be prepared to work hard to get them up to scratch and do not turn any student away.

Many teachers are not paid well nor do they recieve the benefits that other professions recieve, even though they deserve more.

A teacher is someone who corrects, changes and puts things right but in many ways people are happy being in darkness and it is too difficult to wake them up.

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