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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amongst the people are those who purchase foolish speech

We were reading Al-'Awarif Al-Ma'rif and fell upon a verse that made us ponder. It read:

"Amongst the people are those who purchase foolish speech."

Luqman 31.6

This had us pondering on the possible meanings. The text states that Abdullah ibn Mas'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) said it is singing and listening to it. And elsewhere Ibn Mas'ud states that, "Singing sows the seeds of hypocracy in the heart." (p.114)

We also wanted to dive into the depths of the commentators of the Quran read what they say

Abu Layth As-Samerqandi states in Bahr Al-'Ulum/Ocean of knowledges:

"Amongst the people are those who purchase foolish speech." It means that the people purchase useless speech. Nadar ibn Al-Harith would go to Persia on business and purchase from there speech and bring it back to Mecca. He would then say, "Muhammad speaks you with words incomplete and I speak to you with complete words."

Ibn Jawzi (may Allah show him mercy) states in Zad Al-Musar fi 'Ulum at-Tafsir:

"Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, "This verse was sent about a man who purchased a singing female slave."

Singing encompasses almost all the pop song writing industry at this time. Popular music is all about violence, aggression and how to attract the opposite gender. There is very little music that has any redemming qualities to it. You either have to go back to a different time or look at other forms of singing. One other point about modern music is that most of the music that is elevated into the manistream is music made by athiest and those singing about sins. This means that they sometimes sing about beating people up and other times they say things that could be classed as statements of disbelief. What do we do? We sing along with it without realising the implications of some statements. This is another reason why we should give these types of music a wide berth.

If you look at many newspapers the stories that they carry are the worst stories of murder, degredation and stories that demean people. The tabloid newspaper some of the most bizarre news headlines and stories that someone may ever read! But somehow they manage to come up with more everyday! Are the newspaper editors look for stories of goodness or are they looking for stories about death, murder and depravity? The answer is clear and you do not need to look!

Most of the news reports in most of the media are about foolish, useless speech and the highest prices are paid for them. They even vie for the for the front page news headlines all in the desire for money.

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