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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Instructions of the teacher

Chapter Fourteen

You should try your up most to follow through on any instructions that the teacher has given you. They want the best for you and you can get benefit from things that you may not have initially seen.

If the teacher tells you to do something disliked or Haram, if its haram you should not do it and re-consider your decision to study with him. If its disliked it may be minor or major, avoid if major.

If the teacher says something once you could be forgiven for forgetting and if he repeats it then, you must follow up. He/She is stressing the importance of this, try the action at least once but this action should not upset anyone, nor should cause discomfort to anyone. For example praying Tahajjud, try it but if they say something unreasonable then leave it.

If it's to revise or repeat something, repeat or revise the lesson as much as you can, this can only bring benefit.

One important note is that the scholar will be able to know what's best for the student and this will mean to avoid certain books. Purely because if you read a certain book it may confuse your current knowledge. The example of this is a student of the Shafi school reading texts which include Hanafi rules he may not be able to distinguishing them. This could cause the student to mix between the schools without knowing.

So listen to the teacher and pay attention.

If he does scold you on an issue then do not repeat it and correct yourself.

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