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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sheikh Atabek Shukurov

Lying, false testimony, false accusation

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was asked, “Can a Muslim be a coward?” He replied, “Yes.”
“Can a Muslim be miserly?”
“Can a Muslim lie?”
Imam Malik in Al-Muwatta

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “A Muslim can have any kind of characteristic except cheating and stealing.” (Ibn Abi Dunya)

The importance of learning about lying is to avoid it

There are three types of characteristics that makes someone a hypocrite/Munafiq as described in hadith
1. If he speaks he lies
2. He cannot be trusted
3. Breaks his promises.

There is can be two further types:
1.Nifaq ‘Alami/hypocrisy in action; this is when someone refuses to do something
2. Nifaq ‘Aqali/Rational hypocrisy; this is to know something and to refuse it

Lying is defined as purposely and intentionally not telling the truth

The worst lie types of lies (in order of greatness) are:
1. Someone lies about Allah (Mighty and Majestic) when they something is halal/permissible and haram/prohibited in the shariah/sacred law
2. Lying about the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) fabricating prophetic narrations/hadith
3. False testimony
4.Lying about dreams: on the day of Judgement he will ordered to do the impossible

Only number one constitutes as an Act of disbelief the others are major sins but do not cause disbelief.

Excuses that make lying permissible:
1. To bring to parties or brothers together
2. During war
3. Sometimes a man can lie to his wife, if he knows that the truth can hurt her. For example someone can say that they are looking for another job because he lost his job. It is permissible to lie as long as it does not hurt someone.
Yes it’s better not to lie

Tawriah is to say that you have done something when the other person will understand something else. This is only permissible sometimes not all the time.

How to remove lies from ourselves:
1. Keep a pen and paper handy – when you lie – write it down
2. At night review it and ask for forgiveness for every lie
3. Pray the forgiveness prayer (two units/Rakats) and cry. Then tear up the paper, do this for forty days then see if you can go without lying for ten days. When you lie again repeat the process.

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