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Friday, April 10, 2009

Habib Ali Al-Jifri and Sheikh Idris Watts

Trodden path: Good manners ( session one)

Bradford 2008

Introduction by Sheikh Idris Watts

Abu Madyan came to morocco then to Fez and spent many years studying in the Qarawiyyin. He noticed that the knowledge from the scholars was having no effect on the students. It was having no effect on his heart and he wanted to find someone to effect his heart. Until he met Sidi Ali Hirzihim. Abu Madyan said that every word this man said had an effect on him heart so after the gathering and asked, “Why is it that I have sat with the other scholars of the Qarawiyyin but their words have no effect on me. But when I sit in your presence every word you say changes me.” He replied, “My boy, every word I say I desire of Allah and our master Muhammad.”

Pure knowledge entered the hearts of the pure

The people you should sit with are those who words change you

Meeting the beloved refreshes the faith of someone

Habib Ali Al-Jifri

We shall read the book Adab Al-Murid of Imam Haddad

Knowledge calls for action; if it does not find it will depart

Imam Haddad lost his sight aged four but Allah opened his insight

At the age of seven he would pass a masjid on his way to study; pray one hundred units there and continue on his way

He was Al-Ghazali of his age

He used to express his desires for Allah in his works

He tried to make things accessible to everyone

He died whilst he was teaching Al-Muwatta

(He mentioned the chain of narration of the book to the writer)

Know that every word i say that I narrate that comes from an unbroken chain back to the

Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

This book was a dictation

The man who asked his to compose this work did not reach Allah (mighty and majestic) but many others did

We need to examine our intention

Haste is worldly desires

He mentioned that the station of the teacher is the same is up to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

This is a gathering of knowledge that you are sat in

The purist of the worldly items has lead us to the state of the world

Use something of this world to get to the next world but do not immerse yourself in its pleasure
Abu Bakr ibn Salam said, “The world is the daughter of the afterlife.” Whoever marries the daughter he cannot marry the mother with or without having a martial relationship. Whoever marries the mother cannot marry the daughter, as long as he has not had a relationship with the mother. It is known that he can marry the daughter if he has no martial relationship with the mother. If the man annuls the marriage before the wedding night then he can marry the daughter

The striving is rewarded by action

The one who has knowledge of the hereafter and does not strive for it is astray

What should our intention be? Imam Haddad famous supplication of intention

The good intention leads to good action and vice versa

He can make a good intention but he made an error and he will be reminded

The one who makes good intentions blames himself for his mistakes

The self is constantly commanding evil as in the Quran

The expressions of blessings that a book begins with would indicate to the contents of the book

A person’s desire indicate to their actions

There was man from a previous community supplicated for rain and when it did not come. He thought that because of the worship of seventy years. Then he reflected and reproached himself for every mistake that he did during that worship. Then the Prophet of that time came and said that to him that Allah had accepted his repentance and that those moments reproaching himself for those acts of worship were better than the seventy years

Session two

A migration is from sins to obedience

This is an example of a hijrah

A person can receive from the men of God

There is a yearning for paradise but the higher yearning is for Allah

This is the highest level

There was a time that the people who fight and then gain an opening from a companion, then a successor then the follower of the successor

Turn your hearts towards Allah

There are three things that will strength you: reflection, remembrance and company of the people of Allah

Keep away from those who are veiled

Seek nearness to Allah

When the chance is given; he should go and not delay

He should not make excuses

Which will allow satan in

The true seeker thinks he is not worthy of walking on the path to Allah

Do not think that the sin cannot be forgiven that implies that the sin is too large to be forgiven

Go to Allah with brokenness

The first station of the seeker is to repent for all his sins

Someone should feel sincere remorse for sins

Some report the Hadith, “Repentance is remorse.”

You cannot repent the sin and desire to repeat it in your heart

Repentance has three conditions

It is the first step to take after a fall
1. Remorse
2. Leaving the sin –straight away
3. Never to return to it
4. If it is do with someone’s rights then return them – either ask their forgiveness or return their stuff

Imam Al-Ghazali states if it would cause more problem to ask for forgiveness because it could cause harm in honour then prayer for the person. (if backbiting has not reached them)

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