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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ibn Ata 'llah (may Allah show him mercy)

A friend sent me this...

Ikhmaalush Shiyam (Shaykh Ibn 'Ata'llah al-Iskandari)

Quote: 'Whoever respects and honours you, has in reality neither respected nor honoured you, but he has respected and honoured the act of Divine Concealment (i.e. Allah's act of concealing your defects).

Commentary: When someone respects and honours you with praise or gifts, do not become proud. Do not gain the impression that you have in you some excellence. In reality, the person has not praised you. He has praised Allah's attribute of Sattaariyat (Concealing the sins and defects of people). If Allah Ta'ala had not concealed your inner evils, people would not even spit on you. (Ikhmaalush Shiyam (perfection of morals). Ibn Ata'llah al-Iskandiri. pg.197)

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